Special Event Cleanings & Vacation Cleaning

Special Event & Vacation Cleaning


Maybe you are traveling to the beaches of Fiji or hosting your daughter's wedding reception in your backyard, we can keep your pool looking great till you are finished with both exciting times in your life. 


Special Event Cleaning


With a special event planned for a certain time and date, you expect everything to go as planned. We work carefully with you to coordinate same day cleaning for the event and preparing the pool weeks before the event to ensure everything goes as planned. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a company party or a family reunion we can make the backyard look beautiful. Call in and speak with our event cleaning specialist to schedule your pool cleaning needs for the big event. 


Vacation Cleaning

As you are basking in the sun or touring the streets of London, do not worry about things at home. AquaRama Pools will maintain your swimming pool while you are away. All you need to do before leaving town is contact our Pool Cleaning Department and schedule a weekly cleaning each week you are gone and that will ensure that your pool stays chemically balanced and clean till your return.