Leak Repairs

Leak Repair


If a leak detection test confirms you have a leak, you undoubtedly wish to get it fixed. As we all know, Leaks can be expensive! With your water draining daily and you constantly filling the pool to a normal operational level, your water bill will increase drastically. At AquaRama Pools & Spas, we take pride in our professional leak repair services.

We understand that as a home owner a leak can be a huge worry and concern. We will make every effort to get the job done professionally, quickly and correctly. If our company detected the leak, we will immediately provide an estimate on the repair service. Once you decide to repair the leak, we will take you through the whole process to ensure that your leak is repaired to your satisfaction.


Pool Leaks are not a mystery to us, we know the places leaks occur and the most efficient ways to locate and Repair them.


Any number of causes could be responsible for the leak in your pool. Pools are made up of a number of parts, materials and components, and any one of them could leak if damaged.

  • A pool leak could be found in:
  • The structure around the light, main drain, return outlets, tile line, etc.

  • Suction lines

  • Return lines

  • The main drain

  • Pool pumps and filters

  • Skimmers

  • Pool accessories like water slides