Premium Travertine Paver and Coping Collection

Premium/Select Grade Travertine Paver and Coping Collection


Travertine has many advantages. One of the top advantages is its cooler to the touch than brick, concrete, slate, flagstone, and bluestone. As well our Travertine is Frost Proof, and Freeze-thaw compatible. Travertine's been used for thousands of year, making it a timeless beauty. If you imagine what the Coliseum in Rome looks like, then you will understand why Travertine is the most duriable and long lasting stone products. Finally, Travertine has excellent slip-resistance even when wet which makes it perfect around a swimming pool.


Travertine coping colors Ivory, Noche, Gold, and Silver.
Available in Honed / Filled or Tumbled and in multiple sizes to accommodate your needs.
Deck pavers are also available in various sizes and colors 
Ivory, Noche, Gold, Silver, Country Classic, and Classic Blend.


  • Ivory Honed & Filled Travertine Coping
  • Noche Honed & Filled Travertine Coping
  • Gold Honed & Filled Travertine Coping
  • Ivory Tumbled Travertine Coping & Pavers
  • Noche Tumbled Travertine Coping & Pavers
  • Gold Tumbled Travertine Coping & Pavers
  • Silver Tumbled Travertine Coping & Pavers
  • 6x12 Tumbled Pavers
  • Classic Blend Pavers
  • Leone, Classic Blend, & Country Classic Tumbled Pavers
  • Ivory Travertine Deck Drains
  • Noche Travertine Deck Drains
  • Silver Travertine Deck Drains
  • Travertine Mini Slabs
  • Ivory Split Face Travertine
  • Noche Split Faced Travertine
  • Silver Split Face Travertine