Pool Inspections for Home Sales

Professional Pool Inspections for Home Sales

Should you have a profession Pool Inspection before buying your dream home?

Many future home owners know to have a home inspection completed before buying a new home, what they do not know is if the home has a pool you need to hire a professional pool inspector. A professional pool inspector is an individual who is skilled in the pool industry, knowing the safety, parts, materials, and guidelines concerning every aspect of the swimming pool. Before you jump into a new home with a pool, schedule a professional pool inspection to make sure you will not be left with deep problems. 

Safety features that meet local requirements

An inspection will determine if a pool complies with local safety regulations, which vary state to state and from municipality to municipality. Your pool inspector should be well-versed in any local regulations.

Physical conditions of the pool structure, interior, and materials—and the deck

Some wear and tear on a pool may be easy to see. However, an expert will know what to look for in terms of deterioration. He can identify and assess the necessity and likely cost of making repairs or replacing certain materials:

Interior Finish (Plaster, Pebble, Vinyl), Tile, Coping, Decking

Special Inspection for saltwater pools:

If the pool has a salt chlorine system, you will want to check for possible damage from salt exposure, such as railings and light fixtures in the pool. 


You will also want to assess the condition of the equipment that runs your potential new pool. During a pool inspection you can’t take equipment apart. Turn on the system and observe them working. Check the outside appearance to make sure no chemical damage is showing. 

The chief pieces of pool equipment that warrant you and your inspector’s close attention are those that operate key functions: the pump, filter, automation, salt systems, and if present, a heater.


Other features and accessories

If the pool has other optional design, comfort, and convenience features and upgrades, you will want to review them thoroughly. Whether it’s tanning ledge or a water slide, you want the condition examined to be functioning correctly and safely.