Pool Clean-Up & Acid Washes

Pool Acid Washes


 Mud... thick green algae that resembles carpet. or three feet of leaves in the bottom of the deep end and the water is so dark you can't see to scoop them out, If this sounds like your pool, you need our help.
Some pools are to severe to clean up chemically, so they require an acid wash. How can you tell if you need to acid wash your pool? There are a few signs that can help you determine if this is the service you need. First, if you can't see the bottom of the pool (on the deep end), due to the water being brown or black, you may need an acid wash. Second, if algae is on the walls and it can't be easily brushed off with your hand or pool brush, you will likely need an acid wash. Finally, an acid wash is only an option on a Gunite (plaster or pebble surface pool). Our Pool Professionals can recommend an Acid Wash if they believe the pool cannot be turned around quickly with standard cleaning, chemicals or a simple Drain and Clean.


Pool Clean-Ups


  Pool Clean-Ups are when you   can chemically clear the water from green water to blue water. This service can be done on any   type of swimming pool. A pool clean-up will take a few visits to return the pool to a clear and balanced pool. Our Maintenance  Department will advise you if the pool needs a chemical clean-up. 

Contact our Office today to speak with our Maintenance Professional who can get you on the path to having your swimming pool back to a blue pool.