Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston... we have a problem! I noticed my Nana’s pool pump is not pulling a prime... it’s hot and I don’t want her to have to buy a new pump!

So, I turned off the pump, picked up the phone and called my friends at Aquarama and told them to come quick... Nana needs help. 

So Uncle Ben’s main man showed up and saved the day! Nana was happy because her pump was repaired. Always make sure your pump has a full prime.

If you see that you need a repair just ask for Uncle Ben’s Main Man (aka his service department). You will be good as new!


How To Prime a Pool Pump::

1. Turn the Multiport Valve to Recirculate
This will direct the water into the filter head, and then right back out to the pool.

2. Remove Pool Plugs
You’ll need water to be able to flow into the pump, so remove any plugs you may have in the skimmer(s) or return jets before you turn any equipment on.

3. Fill The Pump With Water
Remove the pump’s lid and check the inside. If it’s dry, you’ll need to add some water before you turn it on. Make sure all the drain plugs are in place, then use a garden hose to pre-fill the pump housing.

Allow water to run into the pump housing for at least two minutes. This will allow some water to seep into the pipes that extend from the skimmer to the pump so there’ll be enough water to create suction in the pump.

4. Turn the Pump On
Put the lid back on the pump and turn the pump on. It may gurgle a little, and it may take a little time, but eventually, you should see water filling the pump housing.

Once the housing is full of water, the pump is primed, and you’re ready to go.
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