Liam's World- Why Checking Skimmer Baskets Is Important

Liam's World- Why Checking Skimmer Baskets Is Important

Liam's World- Why Checking Skimmer Baskets Is Important

Liam’s back and he has a lot to tell you about his world today!

First, he gave the pool cleaning guys the day off, he told them he could handle things today. Liam would like to remind you that with colder weather and falling leaves this is one of the highest priority pool cleaning times.

Liam says it's important and urgent to check your skimmer baskets, sometimes every day if you have a lot of leaves around your pool that drops in it. Liam likes to run through the leaves but not swim through the leaves. Liam says it is also very important to make sure your freeze guard is working correctly.

Liam says if all of this seems like too much or you are stressed about having time to do it, then call or text our pool cleaning guys at 770-422-6291 (Liam said they will be back to work tomorrow, he has a play date). Liam says you need to believe his warnings... he had a conference call with Glen Burns from WSBTV and Glen told him colder weather will be here in just a few weeks!

So, Liam's Skimmer Basket and Winter Advice:

1. Empty your skimmer basket frequently, some pools may need to have the basket emptied a few times a day if heavey debris falls. This prevents the skimmer baskets from getting packed full of debris, which can cause cracking in the basket. Also, an over packed skimmer basket can cause your pump to lose prime. 

2. Make sure your freeze protection is set correctly to turn your pool on when the temperature drops below 37 degrees, this will prevent freeze damage. 

3. Still maintain your pool chemicals because even in cold weather a pool can give you issues with clarity and chemical inbalancing.