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Gloria G.
Marietta, GA


This is a complete pool care company in every way.

I am very comfortable at Aquarama. I am treated as a customer: I am not having to stand, to wait beyond a short and perfectly reasonable time. A number of staff members are always right there and available to help, giving undivided attention. All staff are knowledgeable and give excellent, non-conflicting advice about my pool's needs and my questions. Instructions are clear. Tests are done by computer so there is no subjective reading of tests, no odd test results, no odd recommendations. Telephone response is immediate. Service and equipment care is excellent. The store is cool and comfortable. A customer can sit down comfortably. There is counter space for a customer to write notes, not to have to jiggle things up in the air. When I call I don't hear, There are five callers ahead of you. I can't say enough for how pleased I am with Aquarama. I am confident that when I call or go into the store, I will receive the same quality care and attention I received on any previous visit.


Beth B.
Austell, GA


Very professional!

Zach, the maintenance tech was very professional and he was able to teach me about my pool and brominator. He wasn't there to just get in get out. He took the time to answer my questions and was very helpful. He also made suggestions that will also save me money with maintaining my pool.


Dan C.
Marietta, GA


BEYOND, BEYOND, BEYOND what anyone can expect from a company.

I am absolutely ecstatic to give this review, as Aquarama Pools & Spas had THE BEST customer service I have ever encountered. They replaced a pool liner, which doesn't sound like a big thing unless you know our pool happens to be 40ft long plus steps, and 8.5ft deep. It's a really big pool. What is exceptional about this ordeal is that it began the week before Father's Day. Coming up on Father's Day weekend, we had the worst rain in Georgia since the history of when they started keeping track. The walls had to stop leaking to put this liner in. The week after Father's Day, we were hosting a party for about 80 people in our pool, so it was really important that it get done. But, because of the water leaking, they just couldn't do it. So, they actually set pumps down into the ground to keep pumping ground water getting in the pool out to the lake that happens to be next to us. I asked the young men working if they could come back tomorrow (meaning Father's Day Sunday), assuring that I understood if they couldn't, but that it would be extraordinary and worthy of me helping them out as well. One young man said they unfortunately did have plans for Father's Day, but that he would put me first on the list for Monday morning. Well, after they'd set the pumps and left, he came back a couple hours later to say he had talked to his wife and could actually make the next day work to put the liner in. On Father's Day Sunday, when they were getting to the very deepest part of the pool, it looked like Hoover Dam because it hadn't stopped raining. Ground water exploded through the side of the pool, so these young professionals went and set more pumps into the ground, assuring me they would get it done. Monday through Thursday, they worked to get everything pumped and sealed. We had FIVE hoses pumping water into this 35,000 gallon pool toward the end. Once the water in the pool got to a point higher than the leak line, it was safe. They came back on Friday and finished it up. A technician came out Saturday morning to clean the pool AS we were setting up for this Saturday night party with 80 guests. Aquarama went completely beyond what one can expect out of a company. They completely devoted themselves to providing good service, and I absolutely CANNOT say enough good things about them.


David and Tara J.
Powder Springs, GA


Aquarama is the best!

Rob, Kim, Derek, Tim and their teams really went above and beyond to carry us through the weeks of construction. When we had questions, they always had answers and were very patient with us through the process and never made us feel ignored or less important than another project. As changes were made in process, they always communicated the details of the changes and pricing clearly. They estimated 4-6 weeks for the project and completed it in 5 weeks. Aquarama was the best decision we made for our backyard renovation!


Dan and Lynn B.
Marietta, GA


Very knowledgeable workers. We had a good experience!

Aquarama Pools & Spas put a new liner in our pool. It went well. They postponed a few times because of the weather, but that wasn't their fault. They can't help the weather. The workers were very nice, very professional, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend them. It worked out very well. They did the best they could under the weather circumstances, got here, and installed it. They also tried to help mitigate it from happening again by recommending the right amount of chemicals to use and stuff like that.


A S.
powder springs, ga


Wonderful job on hooking up heater

We need to have our pool heater hooked up to our existing solar system. The pool tech was able to perform the work required and was very professional. He had an excellent knowledge of pools, plumbing, electrical, and gas issues.


Candy S.
Cartersville, GA


Longtime customer.

Aquarama built our pool in 2003. During the past 13 years we have used Aquarama to service our pool, and to recommend the chemicals, needed in order to have a beautiful and healthy pool. When I brought in the sample from the pool water, the sales techs always knew how to evaluate and analyse the water, so that they could tell me what chemicals our pool needed. They were always 100% correct. And our pool, and liner have looked great. After 13 years, we decided to replace the liner, and of course called Aquarama. Bennett and his guys came and measured, and last week, Sam and his crew, finished the installation. The liner is beautiful, and we feel Aquarama has again advised us in the way that will best accomodate our needs and the needs of our family.


Len S.
Kennesaw, GA


Great job on SWG Chlorinator

Aquarama originally built our pool many years ago, and recently installed a Pentair salt chlorinator/SWG. Great job. It's very refreshing to work with a family operated business that continues to provide excellent service.


Don and Patrice B.
Marietta, Ga


Top Professional Services

As an architect, I was very particular regarding the quality of construction and level of finishes during a recent renovation of our existing pool and surrounding extensive hardscape. I quickly learned that Rob and his Aquarama team were top professionals who shared in my concerns. Rob made numerous recommendations regarding the design of the hardscape, one of which resolved an existing water problem that we were experiencing in our basement. My wife and I found Aquarama to be a very professional company, in all aspects of the pool renovation and startup. I was particularly impressed with the patio and copping stonework. Aquarama is NOT a " get-in, get-out as soon as possible" company. They have a very well deserved superior reputation and they truly care about getting it right.


Pauline C.
Marietta, GA


Excellent Technical Staff!

I had a service tech, Luis, come out to work on my pool. He did a great job with the leaking booster pump repair. He answered all of my questions and he did a great job!


Daniel D.
Kennesau, GA



Justin and Amie are very helpful on the retail floor. They always seem to know what's going on!


Mike F.
Marietta, GA


Great service.

Prices can sometimes be a little high, but most things seem to be in stock.


Josh K.
Marietta, GA


Great place

AquaRama is great. They always have my supplies in stock, and the prices are very competitive. The people behind the counter are always very knowledgeable. They put my new liner in last year, and the whole process was great. The Big Green Eggs are also a wonderful addition to the backyard experience.


Pam G.
Marietta, GA


Excellent service

Every year I depend on Aquararama to open and close my pool. They do it on time, and are neat and organized. I come home to find my pool running and looking beautiful. When I take my pool water into the store, they are there to answer all of my questions and to help me get my chemicals. They even carry everything out to my car and load it. It's hard to find that kind of dedicated service in retail in today's world.


Charles J.
Marietta, GA


Year round loyal customer

Ashley the maintenance manager does a terrific job at staying on top of things. One suggestion is to work on consistent scheduling and appointment times for year round customer during the busy season.


Shawn M.
Marietta, GA


Finally found a reliable swimming pool company

My family has been in Atlanta for 9 years and we tried 3 different pool companies within 2 years and we were very unsatisfied with the service provided. We have now been with AuqaRama Pools for 7 years. AquaRama is a top notch pool maintenance & service company, and we do not plan on going anywhere else!


Robert D.
Marietta, GA


Aquarama is an excellent establishment

We use Aquarama for all service and chemicals. Everyone is very competent and friendly.


Pat C.
Woodstock, GA



The opening of the pool was very professionally done. Everything cleaned up nicely and pool in excellent condition. Thank you for great service.


Mary G.
Marietta, GA


Definitely recommend Aquarama Pools and Spas.

When it comes to scheduling, and maintenance, Aquarama is totally consistent in providing thorough service. I really enjoy Stevie's work. Ben also deserves a gold star. The Big Green Egg has been thoroughly enjoyed. Had a little issue with my tiger shark; however, Aquarama is always willing to work towards a satisfactory resolution to remedy the blips.


Robert F.
Marietta, GA


21 year customer

The retail staff is great at assisting me with my needs. I have been a loyal customer for 21 years.


John S.
Marietta, GA


We are very happy with the results of installation of pool pump & salt system.

Richard & Jeremy were great! They are very knowledgeable and willing to to explain everything. Aquarama Pools & Spas is a great company to do business with.


Neal M.
Kennesaw, GA


I use them for all my pool needs.

I purchased a house that had a pool. After a few years, I started to have problems with the lining of the pool, so I shopped around a bit about having the lining replaced and some tile work done. Aquarama had the best price, so I contracted with them to take out the liner, put in a new one and do some tile work. A few months later we had some heavy flooding due to the land where the pool is, and they came back out and helped me get the situation under control.


Anthony T.
Smyrna, GA


Aquarama always have what I need.

This is the best pool company in the area, so keep up the good work.


Don D.
Marietta, GA



From the initial contact with the Aquarama scheduling staff to the engineer that accessed the problem, to the field technician and workers performing the repairs, everyone I spoke to or met with were cordial, conveyed technical expertise, and most important of all, made the repairs on time and within budget.


Henry W.
Dallas, GA


Very good.

Justin & Hank is the reason I stay with Aquarama.


Alan M.
Marietta, GA


Friendly company.

Aquarama Pools will continue to be our pool service provider. See you next month. Thank you for the excellent service!


Darrell W.
Marietta, GA



Great people, good service


David P.
Douglasville, GA


Keep up the great work Aquarama Pools.

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how helpful Justin was when I called in and needed help with a valve on my pool. Aquarama did some major reconstruction on my pool in 2009 when the flood came. I have to be honest, I drive by 3 pool stores to deal with the great people at Aquarama!


Linda Lee D.
Marietta, GA


Almost always excellent

Hank and Justin at Aquarama are the best. Service is over and above.


Shannon M.
Murietta, GA


Very positive experience.

Aquarama Pools & Spas gave us a very thorough report. The guy came out to do the inspection on the pool for the house we are about to buy. He did a very thorough job. It is easy to schedule appointments with Aquarama. They are on time and they perform the job they are asked to do.


Samantha J.
Marietta, GA


Great - very informative

Karen was great at answering questions and giving me a good overview of pool ownership.


Miriam W.
Marietta, GA


Quality pool openings

Hank always does an excellent job of opening and closing the pool.


Morgan and Lisa H.
Acworth, GA



Aquarama and its employees went above and beyond to help us in a critical situation when we needed it.The service they provided was immediate responsive and sincere. We would recommend using Aqua Rama for all your swimming pool needs.


Tim M.
Marietta, GA


Polite servicemen

Aquarama Pools and Spas put a new motor on my pool pump and a valve regulator. They were great young men who showed up on time and were polite. They were more than happy to answer any of my questions and I will use them again. I have had them come out three times for three different tasks and every time they did a great job. They were going to call and give me a price for a pool cleaning service (to occasionally add the chemicals in the water) but they haven't called me back to do give a quote yet. Otherwise, great service!


Margaret C.
Roswell, GA


Clear as a Bell

We used to use a competitor (national chain) and first of all, it was a pain to schedule service through an 800 number. Often they would be really late, or come earlier than they said, without calling to make sure we were home. Or not show up at all. The pool always took about three weeks to clear up with this other company. Plus they didn't do a good job at closing with cleaning up the deck area. We've had the complete opposite experience with Aquarama. Reliable. They show up when they say they are or call if there is a problem. The pool is clear within 2-3 days when Aquarama opens it - they do a thorough job, both opening and closing. Hank has been our tech for a number of years and does a great job. We just wish Aquarama was closer to our n'hood so we could shop at their store. Thank you, Aquarama, for treating us right.


Andy A.
Kennesaw, GA


Very good experience with Aquarama.

We purchased our house about six years ago and the pool was already in place. When we needed pool services, it was convenient for us to go with the company that originally installed the pool and the previous owners had been using. After some time, we began having problems with the pool and it needed some renovations. That is when we began looking at different companies and comparing services and prices. Aquarama Pools & Spas turned out to be the company with the better price for value. Since we decided to go with them for the renovation, we have been using them for all of our pool needs. The service they provide is better than the service the previous company had been delivering. I also like their products and the expertise they have shared with us.


Jane G.
Roswell, GA


Excellent service from installation to maintenance.

I read about Aquarama in a magazine during our decision making process regarding installation of a pool. We selected them and they have done an outstanding job in all areas of pool installation and maintenance.


Heather M.
Atlanta, GA


Aquarama did a great job opening my pool.

They opened my pool while I was at work. I came home and the equipment was working properly. The Cover and water bags were cleaned, folded and placed in a covered spot right outside my back basement door.


Janice C.
Atlanta, GA



We have been happy satisfied customers for over 12 years! Our experience over the years has been exceptional. Each project we did was handled timely, professionally, and with attentive customer service. We have recommended Aquarama to our friends and will continue to do so. The staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for making our pool beautiful and healthy!


Gloria G.
Marietta, GA


Totally thrilled

I was very pleased, I am jumping up and down to give a good review. I just recommended Aquarama Pools and Spas the other day. I have gone to another pool company before, starting with another company because it was closer to my house but Aquarama is worth the trip for me. They are worth the extra few minute drive, they are a small company that gives you individual attention. They have seats so you never wait in a line and they treat you well. The computer analysis of the water is provided to you and they provide a great service. Hank and Morgan are great and they did a beautiful job to where the vacuuming of my pool turned my pool from grass green to lime green and I am thrilled! Their efforts made such a difference on my pool opening this season.


Anita L.
Marietta, GA


Excellent Job

We have had our pool opened/closed by Aquarama for the past 2 years, each time by Hank and an assistant. Hank has been excellent: quick, efficient, courteous, and professional.


Glenda W.
Mariette, GA


Informative and encouraging.

Hank came to change our sand. He was very patient and took time to explain things to us. He told us some things we need to get + told us to come see Justin and he would know what we need. He was so pleasant and we did not feel so helpless as we had before, so I have my fingers crossed.


Jack R.
Marietta, GA


Pretty good overall

Still remains to be seen in the long run. Quality of work is good. Service fair. Example. I had them install a new chlorine generator. Would have been nice if they called and scheduled a time to go through its operation with me. A young tech was sent and he could have put salt in pool but didn't. Communication with me the client was fair. This is an area where they can improve and shine compared to other contractors if they choose to do so.


Salah E.
Marietta, GA



The boys come in - the lead knows our pool and no time work is underway. They do a thorough job, both opening and closing the pool and come up with helpful suggestions. They are tidy, knowledgable,and efficient.


Bob M.
Douglasville, GA


Great work and service

I trust Aquarama, and especially Hank to open and close my pool. Very professional and top notch work. My pool always looks great when it's opened and is completely ready for the season.


Carol M.
Marietta, GA


Totally satisfied.

The liner installers were incredible, professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly.


Anna S.
Atlanta, GA


Very efficient

I've used Aquarama for years and have never been disappointed.


Jim M.
Marietta, GA


Ben did excellent work.

Solved several problems in one stop.


Judy N.
Marietta, GA


Have worked with them for years. Hank is my favorite!

I always have Hank both open and close my pool every year.


Sal Z.
Acwqorth, GA


very good professional people

My experience has been overall a good one with this business. My only criticism is they need be more diligent about customer follow up when rescheduling and returning customer phone calls. Otherwise they are knowledgeable and a very friendly staff that is all about customer satisfaction.


Lisa and Mike J.
Marietta, GA


Overall good service.

Have had some difficulty with scheduling service. More than once, Aquarama has agreed to a service date and then they had to postpone due to the weather.


A. J.
Mableton , GA


Aquarama Pools

Aquarama Pools company is the best. I had great service from Erich. He was very helpful and did a wonderful job! I'll stick with aquarama!!


L. Parish W.
Kennesaw, GA


Above Average

We can trust the staff at Aquarama to sell us the right product for any symptom. The products that they sell are the very best. I never doubt their recommendations.


Mary G.
Marietta, GA


Conscientious of your needs

Aquarama Pools and Spas is great. You can count on their conscientiousness to know your needs, for repairs or getting your pool in order. I have been using them somewhere around 13 years and they are reliable and knowledgeable.


Nigel A.
Atlanta, GA


Very professional service.

Aquarama Pools & Spas did a pool and an addition for me. They were very professional and it came out pretty good. This was my first time using them and I found them pleasing to deal with, clean, and tidy.


Darrell W.
Marietta, GA


Very positive.

I have tried a few other companies and was not satisfied. However the people here are helpful and knowledgeable. I drive past other pool stores to come to Aquarama.


Johnny K.
Marietta, GA


Mid Renovation

First, let me just say I could kick my self for not writing this review sooner. Sandy, Sam and the rest of the crew were just Great!. I started a mid renovation of a 38k gal vinyl liner pool several years ago and starting with the owner Bentley?, he came out and did an assessment and we discussed that I would be doing the brunt of the work, such as digging, breaking up concrete and hauling it away. We started with an initial quote for repair of the plumbing and then on to some new lines and other things. Well within that time I lost my job and had to put the whole job on hold. Sandy kept in touch with me along the way and provided me with the Best Service that anyone could ever want . She worked with me and did several quotes for each phase of the project until it was finally finished this spring and I have been swimming ever since. Aquarama Pools has truly been the epitome a Great company to work with and to this day I recommend them to all of my retail home owner customers with pools. Many Thanks and Much Gratitude!


Cheryl G.
Manetta, GA


I love you guys!

I pass at least 3 pool service companies to come here and will continue to do so!


Danny A.
Kennesaw, GA


Always a good experience dealing with store personnel and online help

Aquarama Pools and Spas replaced my pool liner. Everything turned out great. The people were very professional. I would absolutely use them again. For all your pool needs you can rely on good service and complete information from Aquarama.


Richard M.
Atlanta, GA



No better quality service in the Atlanta area.


Jim B.
Marietta, GA


Good experience.

The work turned out great! Aquarama Pools & Spas fixed a leak and they also put in some new pipes. They were very good. Choosing a pool company is one of the more trickier things. They do what they say they're going to do for the price they say they're going to do it for.


Jackie F.
Marietta, GA


Very helpful!

Aquarama Pools & Spas has great customer service and is very friendly and thorough. They explain pool care well!


Dale P.
Marietta, GA


Fine job. Took longer than expected because of weather.

Getting a new pool liner from Aquarama Pools & Spas took a lot longer than we thought, but it wasn't entirely their fault. It was raining quite a bit. We were promised a certain date, and it wasn't done until almost a month later. When they did finally come out here, though, it only took a couple of days for them to finish.


David C.
Marietta, CA, GA


Super nice repair crew

Talked to us and was most informative. Will use again. Thanks!


Jim E.
Powder Springs, GA


I enjoy dealing with them.

Aquarama Pools & Spas handles all of my chemicals on a regular basis. They recently put a new cover on the pool, as well. The only situation that can be a little aggravating is when they are not on schedule. I'm in the service business myself and know that that's just the nature of the beast. Other than the scheduling issues, I have very few complaints about Aquarama. The guy who installed the cover was very helpful, informative, and good about both cleanup and followup. This close-knit company does a fine job.


Celeste G.
Kennesaw, GA


Aquarama stands behind their work.

It was a long haul, but it got there. Aquarama Pools & Spas are very accommodating. They're very nice and they don't give you a hard time. We had a few issues, but they were able to fix them as quickly as possible. We had them put on a new liner, fix some leaks in the main water line, repair cracks, and install a new cover. They also do regular weekly maintenance and so forth. They are a good company. They stand behind what they say they're going to do. Even if there are issues, they are willing to fix them and are not going to give you a hard time about it.


Dennis H.
Marietta, GA


Outstanding people and quality services.

My experience has been absolutely excellent with Aquarama Pools & Spas. The people are great to work with. All of the employees that come to work on my pool whenever there is a problem have been outstanding. I have had them redo the pool coping and also put a spray on the lining. They always do a terrific job. I believe this is an outstanding organization, and I would recommend their services to anybody.


Tim M.
Kennesaw, GA


Very impressed by the service technicians!

At my age, I can't do as much as I used to. Richard and his helper are very polite and knowledgeable. Their kindness is not something you can fake, meaning both technicians were authentic. Overall, great service.


Janna J.
Marietta, GA


Always willing to accommodate my needs!

Someone is always there to answer the phone and give me an update on the status of my pool! They keep all my records and remind me when I need to open my pool or clean my filter. The only thing I would like them to improve on is giving a specific time when making a device call. Overall great service.


Ann S.
Atlanta, GA


Great service, been using them 15+ years

Aquarama Pool Supply has done our pool maintenance for 15+ years and they just did the concrete on the driveway and surrounding deck as we remodeled the pool. They always go a great job, and we have no complaints whatsoever. If there are any problems, they are quick to fix them, and they communicate well with us.


Debra G.
Sumner, GA


Good company.

It's hard to judge Aquarama Pool Supply because they installed our pool as well as do the maintenance for it. Based solely on the pool installation, the team would get a 5 star rating in all categories. They were perfectionists, and I really like and appreciate that. The pool service is okay, maybe a 4 star rating. Sometimes they are vague and I really prefer more details and specific action steps that I don't always get if I'm not here when they do the service. For example, I was here today when they were here and I was able to go out and ask them questions and they were very attentive and more than happy to answer my questions. I didn't feel rushed or anything, and that was great.